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Windows Media Player Plugin for Mozilla Firefox, in Windows 2003 Server R2

MichaelF's Windows Media Player plugin is a great one, only that it won't work on server platforms. I used the method below to have this functionality on Windows 2003 Server R2 Enterprise Edition. It might work on any Windows 2003 server editioin, but I didn't test. Follow the steps below if you wish to try on your Windows 2003 Server:

1. Install Windows Media Player 11 (not necessarily needed, but that's what I did), using Zack Whittaker's method. It worked like charm. Comment 67 on its page helped me go further - this is what is says:
March 24th, 2009 at 4:25 pm - LinHongJun Says:
Use Microsoft’s Orca to edit extracted ffplugin.msi and remove the lines under LaunchCondition. Save and exit Orca, now you can run ffplugin.msi to install WMP Firefox plugin.

2. Download WMP Firefox Plugin from the link above. Extract the archive to a folder, let's say C:/wmpfirefoxplugin_winxp/.

3. Download and install Windows installer 4.5 Development Kit. Go to the installation folder (C:\Program Files\Windows Installer 4.5 SDK\Tools\) where you will find orca.msi.

4. Install orca.msi then open it. In Orca, open the file C:/wmpfirefoxplugin_winxp/ffplugin.msi. Go to LaunchCondition Table and change condition MsiNTProductType from value 1 to 3 (I also changed description to reflect condition change).

5. Run C:/wmpfirefoxplugin_winxp/ffplugin.msi and voila! The plugin is installing without error. If Mozilla Firefox is open, close it and open it again. From now on, websites which require WMP plugin will work as expected. Here is one to test.

If you need WMP plugin modified as explained above, you can get it from this location. Open the archive and run ffplugin.msi. Feedback is greatly appreciated and highly moderated. Please do not ask for other versions, I don't have time for tests. Take the information as it is and let me know if it works or if you like.

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