Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Windows XP on Asus K70AB

This model comes with Red Flag linux pre-installed (console only, no graphics). After installing Windows XP, several components won't have drivers installed: LAN, wireless, sound, video etc. Asus published only Vista and Windows 7 drivers for this model. I found on Asus forums a nice post describing how Windows XP drivers can be installed on Asus K70AB. For the inpatient (and backup purposes), here it is:

01. ATI Graphics Driver V8.610.0.0

02. Audio driver (not necessary to install UAA bus driver if you have XP sp3)

03. Atheros AR8121 LAN Driver V1.0.0.33

04. Wireless Console Utility
05. WLAN Driver and Application
06. ATK0100 ACPI Driver
07. ATK_MEDIA Utility
08. ATK_Hotkey Utility
09. ASUS ATKOSD2 Utility
10. ATK Generic Function Utility

11. Alcor AU6371 Card Reader driver

12. Elantech Touchpad driver

13. Life Frame Utility
14. POWER4 GEAR Utility
15. SPLENDID Utility
16. KB_filter Driver (in others)
17. Camera Driver (Refer to the download site instructions and get PID code first)

I did not install all the drivers from above, some of them weren't for my hardware, some I didn't need. Some notes 'thou:

- SM Bus Unknown >> short story: extracted from the Southbridge kit found on ATI website; long story: searched a lot on the internet without luck, downloaded CPU-Z >> found the motherboard on this computer (chipset AMD 780G, southbridge SB700) >> went to AMD support >> choose ATI Catalyst™ Display Driver for Windows Vista/Windows 7 Unified 32-bit - Motherboard/IGP Drivers >> downloaded South Bridge Driver >> extracted SMBus folder somewhere >> open Device Manager >> right-click on SM Bus >> update driver from SMBus folder.

- Unknown device >> ATK0100 ACPI driver from above (step 6)

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