Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Path to the sound of perfection

I start this post with the idea of looking for what I call "path to the sound of perfection". It's what I am looking for in audio (maybe video too), with the minimum of investment versus the results. The record (LP/CD/DVD/PC) should be played as close as possible to the stage/studio recording, having the least influences of artificial compensation of electronics or other parts used. I should take into account that many ideal conditions for a "perfect reproduction of sound" can't be meet, at least when the audition room is the living room in a flat, having children/family/neighbors etc. That makes the "path to the sound of perfection" limited to the conditions met in the real world and, with that in mind, as close as possible to the ideal conditions.

The budget for this setup may change in time, as I acquire more experience and my exigency increase. The target is to make the setup easy and simple (to build), quality and durability included. For life.

The ideal setup would be: playing everything from a music sever (computer, network or just a hard drive). As a general layout and for consistency, the following rules applies to all audio/video equipment:
- turn on/off instantly (less than 1 sec.)
- completely modular, so it can be upgraded or add complexity with easy
- the possibility to be powered by a PC source (5V / 12V), using computer plugs (isolated, if needed)
- auto-diagnoses on start up and alerts when "out of parameters"
- monitoring of temperature via sensors
- protections for under/over voltage/current and wrong plugs


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