Wednesday, June 8, 2011

HP LaserJet M2727nf crap

The setup:
- 2 identical multi-functional printers, both connected to network and available via IP (static IP)
- PRINTING: everyone can print to both machines
- SCANNING: only one user at a time can use one machine to scan, using the button "scan-to" available on machine; the resulting file is saved on a sharing folder; because of this, one user is created on the Windows 2003 Server; the person using the scanner is authenticated first on the server with that user, then press the "scan-to" button

HP LaserJet M2727nf won't install easily on Windows 2003 Server R2. Step by step, here is what you have to do:
1. HP advise: disable any Antivirus and firewall you may have (NOD32 won't allow the installer to run, so disable)
2. While opening the setup program from CD (or the updated driver folder), only 2 options are available to install:
- Express Setup USB
- Express Setup Network
Each one will install basic driver software (everything needed to print, scan and fax configuration), but no functionality to configure the "scan-to" button or HP application software to scan.

For advanced setup (and complete installation) we need the "Recommended install" option, which will be shown only if we run the Setup in Compatibility Mode Windows XP (right-click on "setup.exe" >> Compatibility >> Run this program in Compatibility Mode >> Windows XP).

3. After we choose "Recommended install", we get to:
a) Easy Install (Recommended)
b) Advanced Install
We choose (b), then HP asks to check for updates automatically. The answer is NO.

Note: Pressing Ctrl + Alt, the installation log file is shown. Here is what this machine come up with:
20110711135523:00073AE55:0400(0000-0000)(hpzchk01.exe)!! BlockProductTypeList failed to pass on this machine.
20110711135523:00073F34A:0400(0000-0000)(hpzchk01.exe)!! Product Type Check FAILED.
20110711135524:000781451:0010(0001-0000)(hpzchk01.exe)= The current user has administrator privileges.
20110711135524:000781918:0010(0001-0000)(hpzchk01.exe)= Not using RunAs
20110711135524:000783B7A:0001(0001-0000)(hpzchk01.exe)Displaying dialog - 1035 - System Requirements Results
20110711135524:0007889AD:0001(0001-0000)(hpzchk01.exe)_pSite was NULL
20110711135556:000028569:0001(0033-0032)(hpzchk01.exe)Exiting dialog - 1035 - System Requirements Results

4. If errors appear during installation (ie: "This product type does not match the list of supported product types"), press Cancel while keeping pressed Ctrl + Shift, (advised by Kris Haynes), to avoid that.

5. We get to this dialog:
a) Recommended
b) Custom (for Advanced users)
Obvious, we choose (b) and go next.

6. Errors again as explained in step 4. We get over it using Ctrl + Shift trick and we finally see the "End Used Agreement".

7. On the "Identify printer dialog", we have:
a) Select from a list of detected printers (Recommeded)
b) Specify a printer by IP address
If we choose (a), the printer will be installed using it's name instead of it's IP address and more issues in the future. To avoid it, we choose (b) and type the IP manually. As a result, the printer will be installed as a virtual printer port with the name of the printer's IP. Every time, the printer will be found by the IP.

8. We are warned that the HP LJ M2727nf Scan has not passed Windows Logo testing to verify its compatibility with this version of Windows (Windows 2003 Server R2 Standard Edition SP2) >> Continue anyway.

After digging with the installation, it's now time to use the crap.

First off, the test printing during installation won't print anything. Scanning has the same result.
UPDATE: It looks like a bad cable/socked caused errors, so I replaced the cable and the LAN socket. Now this problem is isolated.

From time to time, the printer disappear from HP Toolbox (more precisely, the printer is shown as disconnected and none of it's settings are available).
UPDATE: It looks like a bad cable/socked caused errors, so I replaced the cable and the LAN socket. Now this problem is isolated.

Ok, it looks like the HP Toolbox wants to run with the Administrator account privileges, so I do (right-click on it >> run as... >> Administrator).

If I try to scan directly from the printer, the error says: "Not set up for PC".
To solve this, I have to login on the server and configure the button "Scan-to".

When I try to create a custom entry for the button Scan-To, I got this error message:
"Failed to update the destination list on the all-in-one"


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