Friday, November 30, 2012

How to install Nero 9 Free

Download Nero 9 Free from softpedia ( If you don't know how to install, or if you'd like to customize it, follow these directions:

Double-click on the file downloaded. It start installing - click next:

We get displayed a serial number - nothing to do here, click next:

We need to accept EULA - click next after that:

We want to customize this installation - choose Custom, then next:

Nothing to do here, except click next:

Again, click next:

Waiting to finish installation...

We don't need to send "anonymous" information to Nero, so we won't do it:

Finally, click Exit:

Starting Nero, we get to this screen - click Remind me Later:

Nero starts. We want to change some stuff, click Options:

We are not interested in Nero News - click NeroFeeds and disable News feeds:

Some hidden options at the bottom left:

Few things we can change:

Now, if we want to erase a CD/DVD-RW, then we do it like this:

If we want to customize Nero (how it looks when it starts), we can choose to add few shortcuts via Add/Remove button:

If we want to change the burning speed, we start a new compilation (1), go to Data Burning (2), then select the Tools button at the right (3):

We are not allowed to set a specific speed, instead we have these options:

If, for some reason, we don't want to burn a disc to CD/DVD, but instead we want to save the disc as an image in our PC, we can do that via Tools button, then Misc:

Happy burning, free of charge!

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