Saturday, September 14, 2013

Linkedin User Agreement updated on Sep. 12, 2013

Linkedin User Agreement has been updated on September 12, 2013.

Summary of Changes to LinkedIn User Agreement

This summary is intended to facilitate your review and understanding of the changes to the User Agreement. However, please take the time to read the full document, as you will be bound by its terms when you view, access or otherwise use LinkedIn’s online services.
Some highlights of the revisions to the User Agreement follow:
We have changed the minimum age of a person to access LinkedIn’s online services. LinkedIn is not available to children under 13, but the minimum age to become a member of LinkedIn will be anywhere from 13 to 18 years old depending on the country, as described in Section 2.3.
We have provided notice that LinkedIn will continue to charge your chosen payment method until you cancel the Premium Service or your membership, as described in Section 2.6.

If you'd like to read everything, here are the links: User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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