Friday, May 6, 2016

HDTV cable for Samsung Galaxy devices (MHL cable, MHL adapter)

If you're dealing with a problem regarding which MHL adapter should a Samsung Galaxy device need, I found a few interesting links explaining everything regarding MHL and the compatibility list of Samsung devices.

MHL allows for MIRRORING of the screen. It can't be used  as an extension or 2nd display. There is no performance difference from the phone to the connected display.

A nice introduction here:
(November 12, 2014 by Jason Fitzpatrick)

This is a nice video where you'll find info about MHL Adapters, HDMI Screen Mirroring, Passive vs. Active cables and MHL technology, Samsung's 11-pin, phone/tablet connecting to TV via DVI adapter:
by Jeremy Phan

This is where you'll find which MHL adapter to use with any Samsung Galaxy device:
(February 5, 2014 By Josh Bethell)

Remember, you will always find which phone or tablet has MHL support in their specs page (either official or GSMarena which has inline search support). Currently, MHL-capable phones and tablets include devices from HTC, Samsung, LG and others.

For Samsung devices, MHL is typically connected via a device's 5-pin micro-USB port. However, Samsung uses a proprietary 11-pin interface so if you're purchasing an MHL adapter/cable, you'll need to purchase the (11-pin to 5-pin adapter):

How do I connect my Samsung Galaxy S4 to my TV using the MHL 2.0 HDMI adapter?

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