Monday, December 3, 2012

Nokia E51 whistles and bells

Did I tell you how much I like this phone?

Some background
I like a cellular first to be a cell phone: good and loud sound, good coverage, many contacts, long battery, strong built. A must have is the clock and the alarm, but that should be included in the packet (I never saw a cell phone without).

Then, it might need to have basic agenda functionality: calendar, notes. That is something I like more and more, I use to keep notes and reminders everyday now.

Radio, Flash Disk support and Bluetooth would be a plus, 'though I might live without them. Now that almost all phones has these, I don't mind. I get used with them more and more.

I wish it would have wireless connection and the ability to install applications. That would open a whole new world to it: internet calls, email checking and other internet staff - all at a fraction of the cost, because wireless is everywhere around us.

Ladies and gentlemen, here is the winner: Nokia E51. Because it's mine and it fits my needs!

As a bonus, I installed some software which extends its basic functionality:
- Abolute 80s
- Battery Extender
- Calcium (calculator)
- Curs Valutar BNR (Romanian, exchange)
- Energy Profiler
- Energy Radio
- Facebook
- Facebook Chat
- FoneFinder
- fring
- GetJar Apps (Apps repository)
- Google apps (Google, Gmail, Calendar, Maps, Youtube, Google+)
- HandyWiFi
- (Romanian News)
- Internet Radio
- Live Messenger
- Midomi (music recognition software, awesome!!)
- Nimbuzz
- Nokia Messaging (Email Setup)
- Opera Mini (version 5)
- Opera Mobile (version 10)
- OVI Store (Apps repository)
- ScanLife
- SIP Voice Settings
- Slick
- Skype
- Stopwatch
- Sudoku (game)
- Talkonaut
- Talktimer
- Twitter
- Wikipedia Mobile
- Y Messenger
- Y! Mail (Yahoo Mail)

More apps could be installed via OVI Store and GetJar Apps.

Sometimes I get into trouble with it. Solutions bellow:
Nokia E51 won't disconnect after WLAN scanning

At a decent price, I guess I did a good job! Thanks Nokia for building, from time to time, some good products!

Published: 2010.09.01
Last update: 2012.12.03

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