Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How to install Gimp

Gimp is a well respectable graphics editing tool, free to use for everyone. It's similar to Adobe Photoshop, de facto professional editing software.

Here is a small tutorial for those who are not skilled at installing software (I may say it's rather the fear to break things). This is simple, check it out!

We download Gimp from the original website, as of this time version 2.8.2, You can click <here> to download it directly. After saving in a place where you like (Desktop is fine), double click on it to start installation. You may get a warning from the operating system if you are sure this software is from a trusted source. It is, so confirm using Run button:

We can choose between Deutsch, English, Italian and Slovenian. I choose to let default English:

We want to customize this installation, so we press the button Customize:

We have (to read and) accept EULA. Press button Next:

If we want to change the installation path... I leave it as default, press Next:

Default options are good (if we also want other languages).

I chose English language and I don't need translations, so I disabled Translation option. Press Next after that:

I don't want to let Gimp open files by default, other than it's type. I leave it as default:

We want shortcuts to find it easily:

This window only confirms what preferences we want, before installing. If it's not what we want and we skipped something, we can go back. We didn't, so we press Install:

Waiting.. installing... The Setup program do what we chose and prepare Gimp to be used on our computer.

Everything is done and good if we see this:

Now we are ready to use Gimp to impress friends, learn or use it like a professional that we are. Great stuff!

Published: 2012.12.05

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